7 Things to Consider Before You Purchase Your First Boat

boat for sale by ownerMaking an effort to carefully cover all your bases before you buy a boat will make certain that you get the most of your time out on the water. If you can just follow this simple checklist for buying your first boat, then you and your family and friends will certainly create some memorable times this year on the water.

1. Never pay the full asking price whether shopping for a new or used boat or boat for sale by owner.  The asking price is what the seller is hoping they get, with so much inventory available you can certainly negotiate a lower selling price.

2. Spend a few weeks out on the water, whether in a friends boat or renting a charter. Get a feel for this lifestyle and make sure you want to join the ranks of becoming a boat owner.

3. Be sure you know about each expenditure involved with owning a boat. In addition to the cost of the boat, there will be month storage fees, maintenance, repair, fuel, equipment, and license costs. Average these out for the year so you know what you need each month to stay on the water.

4. Consider buying a slightly used boat as opposed to new. The seller most likely has plenty of things like a trailer, fishing equipment, accessories, and upgrades, that they will most likely throw in the deal if you take the boat off their hands.

5. Go buy a ticket to the local boat show and get down their and ask a ton of questions. Here you have the chance to speak with other boat owners as well as manufactures. This is your chance to get all the answers and see what other boats are out there.

6. Make certain the boat you are interested in was designed for what you intend to do on the water. If you are looking to go fishing each week, a cruise or party boat will not keep you out on the seas. Be sure you understand the difference in a dingy, fishing, and party boat.

7. Be sure that you take a local safety course and get all the safety equipment you will need on board before you ever hit the water. Things can go from bad to worse in seconds on the water where there is no one for miles to come to you or your passengers aid.

Now you know what to consider before buying your first boat, now get out there and start doing your homework so you can get on the water and start creating memories that will last a lifetime.