DUI Lawyer Charleston SC Tells Trends Every Law Firm Must Learn

Charleston Attorney GroupWe’re used to reading information on the latest technology for acquiring new customers. But those lists invariably discuss how trends affect the much larger retail and consumer market. Although mobile shopping and electronic wallets are required to grow significantly in 2015, neither will get any noticeable impact on your law firm practice. What are the technologies trends that a growing law firm should be aware of and how will they uniquely influence the legal business? We sat down with a DUI lawyer Charleston SC and got his take on the trends for 2015 and beyond…

Pay close attention to these three trends that any law firm cannot afford to ignore:

Power of Mobile Marketing
Most web traffic in America occurs from mobile phones. While this is very important for location-based stores like finding the closest Mexican restaurant, it doesn’t really help lawyers. Mobile technologies such as e-mail devices had a profound effect on the practice of law. Today, clients expect a response at any hour from their lawyer since they know most professional lawyers take their smart phones with them everywhere. Most law websites don’t function very well on smart telephones. So, if a law firm’s website isn’t mobile friendly, it really is at a reasonably competitive disadvantage compared to other law firms in this competitive market.

Social Marketing Exposure
Internet sites, in particular social media sites, continue to mature at an astonishing rate. For instance, one only need look at how Google+ acquired over ten million users in 14 days to understand the potential here. Hundreds of millions of people have Facebook accounts, and for professions in law, where personalized brand is vital all forms of social media help. They make it easier to show who that lawyer is and how he conducts himself in business. Regardless of whether one uses Twitter, InstaGram, Google+, LinkedIn or Facebook, these social media providers are of excessive benefit to law firm marketing.

Making Use of Online Video

Here is an example:

Video marketing can be an exciting way to reach a targeted audience. An impressive 85% of the United States population will check out video online sometime this year. Video is a crucial medium because it has the capacity to show attorneys working in action. Where a written piece demonstrate a lawyer’s know-how, a video might help show who this lawyer is — further hastening the bond that a potential customer makes when picking out a lawyer. Moreover, video is very favored in search engine ranking, so if you’ve got created a video on a specific topic pertaining law, chances are so it will appear higher in search engine than your competitor’s written article or blog post.